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On this page you will find reports and evaluations of activities happening across the Oxford University Museums Partnership.

Community Outreach Report 2014

We explain the role of Community Education Officers. Although ‘diversity’ and ‘accessibility’ are two words that crop up in most discussions about engaging new and different audiences (and are essential to ensuring the future of museums) how many of us actually stop to consider who really benefits, and how? We know why we want to work with community groups, but why do they want to work with us? These are exactly the kinds of questions we wanted to answer when collecting evaluation feedback from community group leaders over an 18 month period. 


Making Museums: helping children to understand the value of museum learning

Making Museums is a project run by The Pitt Rivers Museum and the Museum of Natural History for the past 11 years, working with around 20 classes of Year 6 pupils from across 11 schools. 

The aim of Making Museums is to allow children to understand the value of museum learning through hands-on discovery of what museums do and how they operate, including the roles of different staff. 

What's Your Story? Using digital technology with Arts Award to engage young people in Oxford

Oxford University Museums have been using and developing the use of iPads for digital art practice across its museums and increasingly schools have access to iPads for their students to work on and young people are keen to develop their ideas using digital media.

With the advent of Artsbox (Arts Award’s online portfolio tool), it was felt it a good time to see if Arts Award could be offered where the practical and creative work would be done entirely on iPads and managed via Artsbox.


Oxford University Museums and Collections Discover Arts Award

The Oxford University Museums undertook to deliver the Discover Arts Award through their Family Friendly Fun programme. This enabled the museums to utilise their existing programme of high quality, regular family provision offered through creative drop in sessions at weekends and during the school holidays.

A bespoke logbook was created to act as a mechanism for collecting evidence for the Discover Award.

Project Dinosaur: Using Arts Award with young people in hospital

The aim of this project was to connect the Museum of Natural History to a group of young people who would not otherwise be able to access its collections. By building Arts Award into the project, it enabled young people to build on their existing skills and gain accreditation during their stay in hospital.

'Project Dinosaur’ was the first intense project planned and delivered as a partnership with The Highfield Unit in Oxford with its young people.  

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