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Oxford University Museums can provide access to advice and consultancy from colleagues within our museums, partner museums and the Univeristy of Oxford.

We can facilitate bespoke knowledge sharing through a wide range of activities including mentoring, coaching, online and telephone advice, training, museum exchanges and shadowing.

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Academic and Curatorial:

We have a wide range of academic and curatorial expertise within our museums, libraries and partner museums, and we can facilitate relationships with Oxford University colleagues through the University's Impact and Knowledge Exchange networks.

Conservation and Collections Care:
We can provide assistance in most areas of conservation and collections care including documentation, exhibitions, lighting, loans, photography, security, storage and technical services.

  • Collections Care
  • Exhibitions
  • Technical and Site Services

Public Engagement:
We can provide advice on a wide range of public engagement issues such as audience development, communications, exhibitions, interpretation, learning, marketing, outreach, PR, programming, social media and visitor experience.

Managing Museums:
We can provide consultancy on a variety of professional skills including commerical operations, development, events management, finance, fundraising, human resources, income generation, leadership, partnerships, project management and volunteer management.


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