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Event Themes

Our training events and workshops are grouped under the following themes:

Digital Museums

As life becomes increasingly digital, museums are seeking the best ways to make use of digital to improve and expand access to their unique offer. Our events provide practical advice on using digital in museums, as well as discussion about the creative technology space, future opportunities, and how to makeeffective use of these within the cultural environment.

Find out more about Digital Museums training events.

Fundraising and Philanthropy

Museums need to be increasingly creative when it comes to diversifying their income streams but this can be a complex and time consuming area to grow.  These events offer detailed guidance, new insights and skills development across a range of fundraising activities which support people working in museums to cultivate sustainable funding streams.

Find out more about Fundraising and Philanthropy training events.

Commercial Enterprise

Developing successful commercial activities has become a crucial area of museum operation and can generate significant income but competition is getting tougher and consumer spending is down. People working in museums need to keep up-to-date with trends, know their customer and make decisions. These events are designed to develop business confidence and entrepreneurial skills which maximise the USP of museum-based commercial activity.

Find out more about Commercial Enterprise training events.

Managing Museums

The key to successful, resilient organisations is the people who work in them.  Museums need people running them who are diverse, creative, positive and motivated.  These events explore inclusive working practices and skills development that support and nurture dynamic people and teams.

Find out more about Managing Museums training events.

Other Events

In addition to our core events programme, we collaborate with colleagues throughout the sector to deliver conferences and other types of events to facilitate knowledge sharing. This has included the 2013 University Museums Group conference, and "Crap in the Attic?" a natural history symposium on the care and use of natural science collections delivered by the Oxford University Museums of Natural History in November 2013.

Find out more about the other events we support.

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