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Managing Museums

The key to successful, resilient organisations is the people who work in them.  Museums need people running them who are diverse, creative, positive and motivated.  These events explore inclusive working practices and skills development that support and nurture dynamic people and teams.

So far we have held two events in our Managing Museums series:

Understanding Audiences

Museums need to understand who their audiences are and how they engage with them both physically and virtually. If they are to develop their audiences, museums also need to understand who their potential audiences are, why they aren't visiting, and what might motivate them to engage with the organisation. Understanding Audiences aimed to explore how organisations can gain insight into their audiences, actual and potential, physical and virtual, and how this understanding can be applied to engage new audiences and ensure the best possible experience.

Speakers: Jessica Suess, Partnership Officer, Oxford University Museums; Sam Skillings, Head of Marketing, Compton Verney; Shelley Mannion, Senior Content Producer, British Museum; Suzi Ardley, Head of Digital Communication, University of Oxford.

Access top tips from our Understanding Audiences event.

Does it all add up? - Museum Accounts

This event looked at understanding public accounts, risk management, budgets in the context of planning and setting realistic budgets for smaller projects.

Speakers: Kath Moss, Charity Consultant at Critchley’s Chartered Accountants, Andrew Noton, Head of Finance at the Ashmolean Museum, and Jossie Austen, Senior Campaigns Executive, Oxford University Museums.

Access top tips from our Museum Accounts event.

Communications Strategy for Museums

This event looked at identifying target audiences and key messages, and determining the best mode of communication to reach specific audiences and influence their behaviour or opinion. The workshop also looked at developing these into a swept up strategy that compliments an organisation's overall strategic plans, identifies resource needs and enables evaluation.

Delivered on behalf of Oxford ASPIRE by Carolyne Culver, Head of Strategic Communications, University of Oxford, with a case study from Liz Hide, University of Cambrdige Museums Officer.

Access top tips from our Communications Strategy event.

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